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is the agent supplier Pump/water pump. We sell pump brands MILTON ROY with the quality and the authenticity of the goods is ensured by very good condition as well as the process of pengiriman stuff to mess with very terta so that during the process of delivery of the goods tersebutberlangsung no the slightest damage occurred, for more information and details of other products you can mengrimkan a price quote/question and mengrimkannya to our main email address is listed in the column of our website or you can contact us at noor our phones listed on our profile sub menu. In addition you can also visit our website at various to see productsWhat we sell. (ALL PRODUCTS) (PUMP) (GEAR BOX, MOTOR, REDUCER (COUPLING) (VIBRATORS-PNEUMATIC)

PT.ASIA GLOBAL Engineering (the power transmission for industry)

MegaGlodokKemayoran (MGK) URLt.GF/C7 NO: 9 jakarta 10610

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