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Electric Motor

Selling Electric Motor in Jakarta

PT Asia Global Teknik is an Electric Motor Distributor Company engaged in Selling Cheap Electric Motors located in Jakarta. We are a distributor of electric motors selling cheap electric motors with brands including transmax, yuema, super line, teco, cantoni electromotor, eddy current motor, marathon electric, mgm motor, bonfiglioli motor, siemens, tt-thrige electric, etc. The products we sell have good quality and affordable prices.

Electric motor is a device to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Whereas a tool that functions otherwise, converts mechanical energy into electrical energy called a generator or dynamo.

Electric motors or electric motors that are commonly used in the Industrial world are asynchronous electric motors, with two global standards namely IEC and NEMA. Metric (millimeter) asynchronous IEC motors, while imperial (inch) NEMA electric motors, in applications there are power units in horsepower (hp) or kiloWatt (kW).

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